Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Canadian Party Leaders' Debate

Ignatieff .. seems like he has great potential. But he is attacked both as a harpist and deflects criticism difficult, looks nervous. I question the wisdom of attacking Layton Layton Ignatieff because he will not get a minority, and attacks Ignatieff is also potentially swinging for Harper .. Jack: I know Ignatieff represents a party that knows .. not really far to the left .. but .. coalition of left! or merger! otherwise it will be perpetually fragmented left .. and Harper remains in power ...

Why does Duceppe never have the opportunity to speak? But yes, this debate is not what peripheral platforms of each party are, I do not know what each are running for.

I would lose my job if I was as helpless as if Harper is to explain my actions.
that are screwed in politics in Canada.
Democracy? Where?

Ignatieff sounds like John Kerry. Harper appears as a more intelligent, sinister version of Bush. We need an NDP majority government. Jack Layton is slack in the attack on the left, it apears that `s in Harper` s sides, and many of us know this, but I guarantee you will be misunderstood by the general population. The left has to stay together.
This country is at its best when it `s been the center left, period. We have health for all, and many social support programs. Everyone uses social programs, children, parents, old, rich or poor, and are attractive to new citizens.

Basically, Harper's vision of democracy is not right. I mean, I have fear that it could have the majority, I do not want that type at the head of a conservative majority in our country, I mean, virtualy, which could almost be a dictator, and I'm glad you did not realize that sewing otherwish that would be dramatic.
Therefore, all persons who were not informed in politics and stuff (because our education system is so slow): Friends, only ..... Harper simply do not vote, please, love for our country.

I would characterize the relationship between Stalin and Hitler as "frenemies. Also, there Layton and Ignatieff are characterized as Hitler and Stalin, the comparison is not commensurate. To be clear: I think it is plausible that the National Development Plan could lead to results more favorable than the Harper government. But, realistically, it is unlikely that in this election the NDP to come out on top. (However, contrary to its interpretation does not mean that voting NDP supports the Conservatives.)

The idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend is simply wrong. Stalin and Hitler were my enemies. I will not side with Stalin just because he was against Hitler.
We can strengthen the National Development Plan, and make only stop a Conservative majority government.
I am not against a coalition, I think they are a big part of our parliamentary democracy. I am, however, against the idea that voting for the NDP in any way supports the Conservatives, it is 100% wrong.

The pressing problem instigating this election: to bring Harper down. What is the point in throwing knives at Ignatieff, strategically knives (I) should be saved for Harper. Is not Juan and Miguel on the same side in this regard? Your enemy is my enemy because you are my friend. Why do not we get along (and form a coalition)?

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