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Leader of the Liberal Party - Michael Ignatieff Political Career

An intellectual and academic Michael Ignatieff had been a few years of his adult life in Canada before returning in 2005. He became a member of parliament in 2006 general elections. While Michael Ignatieff had studied, written and taught about human rights, democracy, security and international affairs, political opinions often seemed theoretical, liberal party of canada and was gaffe prone. Anyway, took an early lead on a large field of contenders in the race for the Liberal leadership after 2006, Paul Martin, resigned. In a surprising upset, Stéphane Dion won the fourth ballot and Michael Ignatieff, was second. Current policies

During the 2011 election the Liberal party's policies include:

    * Introduction of a family care plan for Canadians supporting ill family members
    * Pension plan reform
    * Additional investment in higher education
    * Deficit reduction and spending restraint
    * Maintain corporate tax rates at 2010 levels
    * Restoration of the long-form census
    * Quadruple renewable energy production, including wind, solar and biomass energy sources
    * Introduce a national food policy to support Canadian farme

After three years as a member of Parliament Michael Ignatieff, a new candidate for the Liberal leadership, this time to replace Stéphane Dion after the 2008 elections. In announcing his intentions of leadership, Ignatieff said that things had changed - he was more experienced, listened better and was better known. In December 2008 a crisis in Parliament brought the possibility of a close election and the  Democratic Party of Canada Liberal Party moved quickly to solve the problem of leadership by appointing Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Party interim leader. His position as leader was ratified liberal party of canada by the full party members at a convention in May 2009.
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada:

December 2008 to present

May 12, 1947 in Toronto, Ontario. From the age of six weeks, his family moved after his father's diplomatic career. At the age of 11, Michael Ignatieff, he returned to Toronto as a border in the Upper Canada College.

* Degree in History - University of Toronto
* University of Oxford
* Doctor in History - Harvard University

Career of Michael Ignatieff

* Michael Ignatieff has taught at Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, the University of California, University of London and the London School of Economics.

* During his career, Michael Ignatieff has been a commentator, critic and broadcaster TVO, CBC and the BBC.

* Michael Ignatieff is the author of 16 books of fiction and nonfiction.

Political Party:

Liberal Party of Canada
Horse riding (electoral district)

Michael Ignatieff's political career:

* Michael Ignatieff was first elected to the House of Commons in the 2006 federal election.

* It happened in the Liberal leadership race to replace liberal party leaders Paul Martin in late 2006 but was second to Stéphane Dion.

* He was appointed Deputy Head of the Liberal Party leader of Stéphane Dion.

* Michael Ignatieff in Etobicoke Lakeshore was reelected in the 2008 federal elections.

* In November 2008, Michael Ignatieff, announced that it would be a candidate for the Liberal leadership race to replace Stéphane Dion.

* In December 2008, with the possibility of another federal election that arise suddenly, the two other leaders canadidates, Bob Rae and Dominic LeBlanc, withdrew from the race for the leadership. Michael Ignatieff was named interim leader of the Liberal Party.

* Michael Ignatieff position as Liberal Party leader, was ratified at the Liberal convention, held in May 2009.

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