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Leaders of The Liberal Party - About Michael Ignatieff

Michael has been fighting for equal opportunities since his student days. As a young man, he campaigned for Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau.

Is a leader who listens. Since being elected to Parliament, Michael has traveled to every province and territory, sharing his vision with Canadians in communities large and small.

Wherever he goes, Michael is involved Canadians in a conversation about our future. Your message has been one of hope together we can build a stronger Canada for our families.
Canadian author, human rights expert Michael Ignatieff is the political leader of the opposition Liberal Party of Canada. Shortly after the coalition between the New Democrats, the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberals suspension was overturned by the successful Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Parliament until January 2009, Liberal leader Stephane Dion, announced his resignation. Ignatieff was one of three candidates to take over the party leadership, but the other two candidates, Dominic LeBlanc and Bob Rae, announced that they would fall out of the race on December 8 and 9, two conversations respectively.1 Election increased after the liberal acceptance of a plan of conservative budget in late January 2009.

As leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff sets the tone. We keep hearing about how you take the road and all that.

Well, I do not think that is true, as revealed in the way that Michael Ignatieff called Stephen Harper (Conservatives and other) evil:

Speaking to a Stampede breakfast crowd of about 150 to kick off a summer tour bus across Canada, Ignatieff said Prime Minister Stephen Harper, suggesting that the conservative is the extreme right of most Canadians.

"We are the center of progressive reform in Canada. I can not emphasize how much they are in the middle," he told supporters.

"You know that smell the smell of sulfur from the type (Harper) - right to know these guys really are."

The joke of sulfur is not ambiguous. Is a clear reference to Satan, the prince of darkness, the embodiment of evil Canadians who share a Christian heritage. For Canadians, whose background is different, the model of sulfur is easy to understand, as the Christian devil is a common enough to become almost secular.

Is this what you really think Michael Ignatieff? Or is it a comment script? I think it's the first, if only because Michael Ignatieff talks about "this man" and "these kids." Such informality seems genuine. I believe that Michael Ignatieff is talking about the band, and reveals his true feelings.

Michael Ignatieff is unplugged. Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper, believed to be the devil himself.

Stephen Harper is not bad. This is not a philosophical difference of opinion between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff.

Stephen Harper is evil.

And apparently I'm too bad, being one of "these kids."

Not long ago, the Liberal Party got in trouble when he published a photo showing Stephen Harper was fired after being featured in a contest whose prize was a t-shirt of the Liberal Party. Liberal apologists said that the people running the competition and the maintenance of the website is "asleep at the switch", which is patently false. It is clear that people who build web pages are awake and know what they are doing.

But now I understand why these people thought making a picture, Stephen Harper, his assassination was appropriate for a competition, and appropriate for online publication. As I said, Michael Ignatieff sets the tone, and if in public, speaking extemporaneously, he can say without shame that Stephen Harper is the devil himself, I can only imagine what it says on the office, out of sight of the cameras, surrounded by fellow liberals.

That kind of talk is filtered down and each one takes the example of her. Michael Ignatieff did not personally approve of publishing a picture of Stephen Harper has skyrocketed. And there would (hopefully) if it had been requested, but only because he would have realized that it would have been a bad political move.

That would have been the only reason for not publishing it, however. Anyone working in that atmosphere Stephen-Harper-is-the Devil would not think the picture itself was inappropriate in a moral sense. If Stephen Harper is evil, then the fact shown in the photograph is a moral good. It should be. And so the image was posted by people who are not as subtle as other liberals who understand that a moral good, as the destruction of bad things could still be politically costly if not sent a message.

I do not believe that Michael Ignatieff is bad, nor do I believe that liberals in general are bad, either. This despite Michael Ignatieff published articles in support of torture, and this despite the Liberal Party members still being punished for stealing public money on the sponsorship scandal.

I think evil is a real thing, and that call evil someone is a serious accusation. Few people, in my opinion, the increase to that level of moral turpitude to be truly evil. But if I'm wrong, it probably would not be able to recognize.

How wrong do you understand? If Stephen Harper is the devil, what about his wife, Laura? Is too bad, or just a hapless victim, as Rosemary Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby? And what of the two, Stephen Harper, of children? If properly called Devilspawn?

better ideaTasha Kheiriddin has its version of "sulfur", Stephen Harper, the smell, and rightly points out that "the comparison of the prime minister to the Lord of the Underworld is the kind of blow under the left-wing bloggers take, not a comment line with the leader the "Liberal Party, and perhaps expose Michael Ignatieff was common sense or trying to impress his listeners with intelligent control of the metaphor.

Things, Stephen Harper can not get away with it: I do not like "what if" scenarios, but let's be frank. If Stephen Harper had said the same about Michael Ignatieff, we would be inundated with a flood of statements, the main stream media experts nationwide to fund at least read liberal blogger who was "proof" Stephen Harper is a Christian fundamentalist with a hidden agenda. But not heard, Stephen Harper, saying things like this. Perhaps practicing Christians know better than to accuse someone of being reckless "evil" because they know that evil is a bit of laughter, although there are examples of demagogues who claim to religious knowledge seem to forget this. But when it comes to cheapen the word by overuse it, is that atheists are the worst, because for some reason are allowed to get away with it.
In the House of Commons, Michael has led the fight for gender equality. His own law of private law, C-471, recognizes a human right to equal pay for work of equal value.

It has been proposed innovative new Liberal policy to strengthen our pensions and health, to help families care for their loved ones at home, and to give every child a fair chance to the promises of Canadian life, from preschool to post-secondary education.

As leader of a Liberal extraordinary team, Michael has led to the priorities of working families to Parliament, driven by its belief that equal opportunity is what makes Canada great, and that together we can lead the world again.

Throughout his career, Michael has been a champion of freedom and democracy around the world. As a journalist witnessed the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, the chaos of the former Yugoslavia, and the shadow of tyranny in Iran. As Canada's representative to the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, Michael was a pioneer in the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect, which has since been adopted by the United Nations. He is the author of 17 books and has received 11 honorary doctorates, a Gemini Award and the Governor General's Award for nonfiction.

Zsuzsanna husband, father of Theo and Sophie, a passion for Canada and a world class leader - Michael Ignatieff is working to get your family, your future and priorities in the middle of the next government of Canada.

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