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Ron Paul Liberal Leader 2012

Q: Is Ron Paul Liberal or Conservative?

A: He is a conservative, VOTE for whoever you want at least your conscience will be clean when this country worsens. All those asswipes who recommend voting for someone "electable" are the same asswipes who never fail on electing morons to the presidency. More troops have sent Ron Paul money than any other candidate...You want to support the troops? LISTEN to what they are saying.

people forget who decides who is electable? our media, you know does reporters who love to give you their opinions as news? because they SOOO have our best interest at heart.

Marijuana users appear to be divided in supporting either Barack Obama (Democrat) or Ron Paul (R) in primary voting state where presidential candidates are voted. Although it seems Obama's message of "change" has been drawing fans, it is imperative that you understand the distinct differences between Obama and Paul when it comes to marijuana and the war against drugs.
Barack Obama has said CLEARLY IS NOT legalize marijuana or in any way alter the drug war, except that it has pledged to halt the DEA raids against medical patients in California. His comment was: "It is a misuse of resources." Period. In all the videos of Barack Obama was asked about medical marijuana, which expresses no sympathy or empathy on this issue. Since joining the Senate in 2004, Barack Obama has never sponsored or voted for any legislation that repeals any aspect of the war on drugs. Barack Obama has always voted to fund the war in Iraq, every vote in the Senate.

In addition, Barack Obama responded to the Partnership for a Drug Free America "question presidential candidate saying that would increase the war on drugs and empower federal drug courts. Obama will make the war on drugs worse in America!

Partnership for a Drug-Free America: Senator Barack Obama Response

1. I believe that successful conservation of drugs outside the U.S.? S streets requires a holistic approach that transcends the boundaries between local, state, and federal law enforcement. As president, I will take several steps to strengthen efforts to reduce alcohol and drug abuse in communities across America.

First, I believe that the struggle to combat drug abuse requires the close cooperation of international partners such as Mexico and Canada. I worked to secure federal funds for groups working inter-jurisdictional in Illinois, and I have supported the State Department in the recruitment of the international community to combat the vast network of drug cartels who find customers in the United States . As president, I will expand such initiatives to all corners of the apparatus of drug enforcement.

Secondly, I will ensure that states have the resources to support existing drug courts, which have proved effective in the treatment of nonviolent offenders. These courts offer a mix of treatment and sanctions, rather than traditional incarceration.
Currently, the Department of Justice makes grants available to state and local governments to establish drug courts. I will replicate these efforts within the federal criminal justice system by signing a bill that would authorize federal judges
preside over drug courts and federal agents to monitor offenders probation? compliance with drug treatment programs.

Third, I will continue to fight methamphetamine abuse, and to strengthen the implementation of methods. In the U.S. Senate, which co-sponsored the Act to Combat Methamphetamine, 2005, the principal parts of which became law in 2006. The bill puts federal funds in the fight against
methamphetamine, provides assistance to children affected by meth abuse, and to impose restrictions on the sale of ingredients used to make the drug. He also co-sponsored and fought for an amendment to the Justice Department to increase funding for enforcement programs, and support to take on the Mexican cartels are supplying chemicals to make methamphetamines.

Fourth, I will support after school programs. These programs keep children safe and away from bad influences, and help build safer communities and stronger. I think we need to increase federal support for after school programs with proven records of success in helping children avoid crime and drugs.

Finally, I will promote healthy communities and work to strengthen our public health and prevention systems. I will promote healthy environments, which include restricted advertising for snuff and alcohol to children and wellness and educational campaigns. I will increase funding to expand community-based interventions for prevention to help Americans make better decisions to improve their health.

2. Parents are our first line of defense against alcohol and drug abuse, but we have to support them in this effort. First, some parents lack the knowledge and tools to discuss this issue with their children, and we have to give these parents with resources and information. We inform parents about substance abuse problems from the beginning and then reinforce their children reach the vulnerable age. My health plan includes strengthening our public health and prevention infrastructures so that parents get the information you need about substance abuse, and guidance on how to talk about it. And my plan of poverty requires the creation of? Promise Neighborhoods? in our cities to support similar initiatives in public health.

Second, some parents simply are not taking the time to participate with their children about this issue. We have to tell parents to turn off the TV, save the game and spend some time providing the guidance our children both need and want. Parents have to strike up a conversation with your children and warn against the dangers of drug use. As president, I will ask parents to do this.

I understand the importance of being fully involve parents with their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. I? I've been very open about my struggles as a young man growing up without a father at home. I had to learn very early to say what was important and what was not? T, and exercise their own discretion and sense myself rising. Along the way, I made mistakes. And so we recognize the importance of parents talking with their children and participate actively in this issue, and promote these values ​​as president.

- / Portal / DrugIssue / Features / Presidential_Candidates_Weigh_In

Ron Paul:

* He voted against (John Walters) Budget of the drug czar EACH YEAR

* It is co-sponsor of the law of the State Medical Marijuana Act

* Is the principal sponsor of 2007 ACT INDUSTRIAL HEMP

* Votes AGAINST all anti-marijuana advertising EACH YEAR

* Votes AGAINST THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE credits (money) for each year DEA

Ron Paul has many videos where he promises POT SORRY EVERYONE, and release all NO VIOLENT JAIL federal drug law offenders. Ron Paul will restore voting rights to all offenders previously convicted federal drug law. Ron Paul Free Will hundreds of thousands of African Americans. African Americans were not released by Obama because few medical marijuana patients are black - and virtually none of the blacks in jail (over 600,000 blacks in U.S. prisons for drugs) would be released prohibition under Obama. These same people would be freed, pardoned and have their voting rights restored by the president of Ron Paul.

When Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked Ron Paul for his first act as national president on January 4, Ron Paul said he would order the Justice Department to stop the arrest sick people using marijuana in states that have legalized for medical use. Wow!

Ron Paul has voted against the Iraq war from the beginning and has always voted to defund the Iraq war and foreign military EMPIRE.

I urge fellow stoners to look beyond Barack Obama "Likeableness" and see that there is substance to Barack Obama on matters of war against drugs. He supports the ban, period. In fact, because Obama used marijuana and cocaine in his youth, is likely to have to over-compensate the white voters and religious voters and promise to maintain the paradigm of drug war, which is what happens Many ex-smokers (Clinton, Gingrich, etc.) that are in "high" office!

Ron Paul first act as president will stop the DEA immediately. He says this despite being a complete statement of risk. Ron Paul believes in the truth and not let the influence of the elective principle, based on individual freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

Ron Paul has never seen marijuana, but is the most sincere and true and correct on the question that our globe former Obama. Former pot smokers are often more eager to show how sorry they are prohibitionists for their "sins of youth", when the opportunity presented to them.

With Ron Paul, no such compromise is possible. No comparison. Obama is a fraud, Ron Paul is a liberator.


And if any influence, Ron Paul, no doubt overturn the extradition request by the prosecution and the BC3, including myself, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey. Therefore, all the tens of thousands of Americans who have wondered how you can do more for me in my battle with the DEA and the U.S. Justice Department, which can do more for me to do more for all U.S. pot people: campaign and vote and tell everyone you know to RON PAUL for president in 2012

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